2023 – UX/UI Design


Following OpenClassrooms’ rebranding, I’ve teamed up with the client to update their Blog interfarce.

Suite à la refonte de la charte graphique d’OpenClassrooms, j’ai accompagné le client afin de mettre à jour l’interface de son Blog.

01 Starting point

A new branding, an old blog

OpenClassrooms has recently updated its graphic identity, while keeping its logo. To support this change, we have updated the design of the company’s blog.

We wanted to take advantage of this update to review the layout of the blog, to make the content easier to read.


02 Results

Make reading more enjoyable

We redesigned the article page first, then the blog’s home page.

Essentially, we wanted to make the content more enjoyable to read. The articles are quite long and qualitative, so we opted for a tight grid, making easier to scan the article. We used  the OpenClassrooms product cards to vary the content between pure text and visuals. This is also the case for quotes, or bulleted lists.

For the blog’s home page, we have brought some dynamism to the classification of articles, with a top articles area, in order to move away from a very linear chronological sort.

The whole UI is very uncluttered, with the will to focus on text and imagery.


03 Next steps

B2B Blog

Now that the B2C blog has been lifted up, the question arises of evolving the B2B blog. 

The two blog don’t have the same users and strategy. That’s why they haven’t been designed the same way. Strategically, it has to be decide what will be the direction to follow for the business blog first.