Ipad App

2022 – UI DESIGN


In collaboration with a UX Designer, who conducted upstream observations and user surveys in several of the brand’s stores, I was able to model all the screens needed to redesign the checkout app.

Avec l’aide d’un UX Designer, qui a réalisé en amont des observations et enquêtes utilisateur dans plusieurs boutiques de la marque, j’ai pu maquetter l’ensemble des écrans nécessaire à la refonte de l’app de caisse.


01 Starting point

Adapt the current app to its environment

The project’ starting point was the need to solve all the accessibility issues of the old application: CTAs, texts and fields were too small/not contrasted enough.

For our work, we also had to pay special attention to the environment in which the app is used: lighting that varies according to the zones of the store and little space to put the tablets (used in mobility).

Finally, the redesign of the application was also an opportunity to add and optimize functionalities: statistics, multi-basket management, availability management, product search.

Le Grand Appartement Paris 17

02 Results

Taking advantage of the Design System to contrast things

As Sézane’s Design System used a essentially black and white colors, I chose to use them to contrast CTAs, label and all the texts.

I also took for inspiration restaurants tablets UI, which led me to use large buttons. 

Pictos helped me to differentiate the various CTAs, in order to avoid making mistakes on screens with many choices.

Sezane - iPad Air 2
Sezane - iPad Air 3

03 Next steps

Development, deployment and feedback

The application was designed in collaboration with Sézane store managers and salespeople: the main users.

The prototype is currently being developed to be implemented in the dozen of the brand’s stores.

I’m sure that future users feedback will help to iterate and optimize the application.