Artistic Direction



As Head of Design for Onchain-Jobs, the Blockchain specialized job board, I’ve designed the corporate identity (logo, style guide) and the UI for the mobile and desktop website. I’ve also drawn all the illustrations for the blog and social networks.

En tant que responsable du Design pour Onchain-Jobs, le site d’offres d’emploi pour les métiers de la blockchain, j’ai eu le plaisir de réaliser toute l’identité visuelle de la startup (logo, charte graphique), ainsi que l’UI des sites mobile et desktop. J’ai aussi dessiné les illustrations à destination du blog et des réseaux sociaux.

Desktop-Job search4

01 branding


For the Onchain-Jobs logo, I wanted to refer to the Blockchain links by using a dash between “On” and “chain“. I also used this dash to highlight the “Jobs” part of the logo.

The miniature version of the logo is a digest of the main, with just the letters “o” and “c” intersecting, keeping the link inside the “c” in reference to the Blockchain. “Jobs” is placed underneath and centered for better harmony.



For the color palette, we needed something that would refer to our imagination of the future. As we are here on innovative technology, fluorescent-derived colors such as green and blue, combined with innovation and confidence, seemed perfectly appropriate to me. It was evident that we will use a dark theme for our website as it’s a big trend for tech website and as it’s our main target. That’s why we chose colors that combine well with a dark theme.


Onchain-jobs is a website, that is consulted on mobile, tablet, and desktop. So, readability and accessibility were essentials. I chose a modern but basic font family but with excellent readability on screens: Roboto.

Nothing fancy here, but only a really a very effective font with many weight variations.

02 Illustrations

Blockchain universe

To illustrate our website and contents, we wanted to play with the theme of space. It’s linked to the numeric market that we’re on, and moreover, it’s a very creative world, which allows us to let our imagination run free.

03 UI Design

Overall style

In the continuity of our space and innovation theme, I chose to add rounded corners to our main elements (cards, images, buttons, etc.) to match with our rounded typography. On “modern” interfaces, this roundnesses is commonly used.

I have added some soft drop shadows, blurred shadows and gradients, to give depths to the elements.

Desktop-Job Details-Pricing


As job offers are at the heart of the services that we’re offering, the job board has to be one of the main components to focus on. I have initially designed the job board and the job post pages, but we needed something scaleable, so we decided to use a WordPress plugin instead.

It wasn’t possible to fully customize the plugin, but it was preferable to have something easily automated, to manage more and more job offers. 


04 Learnings

Key takeaways

Once Onchain-Jobs website and services have been launched, we received a lot of encouragement and great pieces of feedback. One of them was the appreciation of our branding and space universe 🙏. 

On the personal side, this was my biggest project with a dark theme and universe to create. I had to be careful about color contrast and the color palette.